Our Team

We want our facility to be the best and complying with the best practices in the childcare industry, which is why attracting and retaining the best staff is of great importance to us. Our staff are crucial to us in providing a memorable preschool experience and our aim is to offer them the best training opportunities to support the Early Years Methodology and Pedagogy at our Centre.

Our staff are focused on providing fun and education, and they will work to ensure our children develops as an individual, whilst helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and enjoyment. All our staff is engaged in skillful and sensitive interactions to support a child's learning ensuring that play opportunities, resources and interactions indoors and outdoors are appropriate to the level of competence and maturity of the child.

Children learn best where adults are keen to continue their own learning and development. Our staff has ensured the best childcare and education is made possible by acquiring an in-depth knowledge and understanding gained through continuous professional development and higher-level qualification training. Team CKELC have the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to observe, support and plan for children's learning effectively, identifying and meeting any additional needs.

The increase in knowledge, skills and abilities of staff has a positive impact on the outcomes and results and we aim to achieve the 'outstanding' status and look forward to developing this even further.

Each of our classes have experienced and qualified Early Years practitioner and trained and experienced Teaching assistants. We also have additional assistants who ‘float’ between the classes to lend support, whenever required. To support the best practices, we maintain the age appropriate adult to child ratios, even if there are a few children in class on a given day.

A full-time nurse, registered with the DHA, is present on the premises at all times. The staff is very well qualified and experienced and attend ongoing and continuous professional development training sessions regularly. All our practitioners and classroom assistants are trained on Paedriatic CPR and first Aid by certified agencies and our nurse keeps an update and upgrade on life-saving techniques and safety matters regularly. Our Staff is selected keeping in mind not only the experience and qualifications but also the skills and the love of children and passion for caring and nurturing Early Years.

We have genuinely put great effort with our experience, love and care to set up this place and sincerely want your child to benefit as much from our Preschool as we have put in.